Through a bespoke programme of advanced training events, courses, secondments and doctoral studies, RECOMS will enhance the Scientific, Professional, Personal and Transferable Skills of the ESRs. It will increase their mobility and enhance their career prospects as researchers, policy makers, facilitators, consultants, social innovators and/or environmental educators.

The training programme is organised around a 36-month schedule of joint training events. This will include seminars, tutorials, small-group intervision sessions, two integrated action-based learning residentials (with a specific focus on community-led approaches to food sovereignty and sustainable energy), visual learning and communication exercises, symposia and two doctoral summer schools (open also to external participants).

The event-based training schedule will be complemented by an online guided programme of reflective learning, local training at hosting institutes (including compulsory training in and on-the-job training via two secondments). At least one of the secondments will be with a non-academic organisation.

Are you concerned about food insecurity, access to land and resources for farmers and food initiatives or skewed power dynamics in our food system? Do you have ideas and examples of how to tackle such challenges in your city or region? Are you involved in or do you want to set up a food partnership, strategy or policy council? And would you like to engage more citizens and organisations to create a sense of urgency, community and shared ownership?

Sep 16

Detailed description of training

In 16-23 September 2018 in Vaasa, Finland RECOMS will hold its first training. The training will bring together for the first time the team of all Early Stage Researchers fellows, their mentors from seven institutes and the four partner organizations to discuss the network as a whole and specific topics on resilience and resourcefulness, gender, identity and intersectionality, while also focusing on professional and personal skills of project management, leadership and career planning and team working and creative thinking.

Feb 01

Our first 12 days Action Learning training event in Coventry, UK in February 2019 will have its focus on Agroecology and Food Sovereignty. 

May 07

Viola Hakkarainen, RECOMS fellow, will talk about her research “On the other end of research - Exploring community-level knowledge exchanges in small-scale fisheries in Zanzibar” during "Exploring places & practices through transformative methods", SUSPLACE final conference on 7-10th May, 2019, Tampere Finland. Find out more about SUSPLACE, and check out the event's site here:

Jun 13

Viola Hakkarainen, RECOMS fellow will talk about her preliminary research results in her presentation, Knowledge processes and community resourcefulness in High Coast/Kvarken World Heritage during the Nordic Science and Technology Studies conference, 13-14th of June, Tampere, Finland.

Jun 16

RECOMS mentor, Elen-Maarja Trell and RECOMS fellow Stephen Leitheiser with RUG fellow Ciska Ulug explore the role of bottom-up initiatives in the transition towards sustainable food systems at Sustainable Geography – Geographies of Sustainability in Trondheim, Norway, June 16 – 19 2019. This session seeks theoretical, methodological and/or empirical contributions that critically address (1) the role and potential of (local) citizen action/collectives in stimulating a transition towards more sustainable food systems and (2) the ways that citizen initiatives and place-based food collectives c

Jun 26

Alex Franklin will chair Public Participation and Role of Stakeholders: Sustaining Resources for the Future during the 25th ISDRS Conference, Sustaining Resources for the Future, 26-28 June 2019, Nanjing, China. Here, also RECOMS fellow Jingjing Guo will present.

Aug 11

RECOMS third big event, the second Action Learning Project event will take place Gröningen in the Netherlands during the summer time of 2019 and will address the topics of Community Adaptation to Energy Challenges.

Feb 03

RECOMS 4th training to take place between 3-12 February in Austria will focus on creativity and will display alternative methodologies on visualisation and narrative, various participatory engagement, communication and impacts and creative preactice for transformative thinking with various creative experts and activities.