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The Inclusivity Train This method aims to a) safely surface and address power dynamics and asymmetries and b) highlight diverse voices and perspectives which might not be present in the room.
The Mirror This method is intended to empower participants, create trust, and evoke personal narratives and perspectives about their identities using an appreciative inquiry approach.
Negative Brainstorming with Invisibles The method surfaces underlying tensions, fears, and concerns of participants and imaginatively engages stakeholders who may not have a voice in the room.
Body Maps This activity is used to develop the theme of identity and self-perception and to increase the trust and connection between participants.
Photograph of the Future Taking time to notice that examples of (or symbols of) positive transformation already exist in our present reality can empower people working for change in their own communities.
Haiku Harvest This activity gives participants the opportunity to gather reflections and distill/synthesize learnings through creative and lateral thinking. It can add humor and be a springboard for sharing insights.
New Metaphors, New Mindsets This method supports reflective practice and metaphorical/lateral thinking. It can help people approach a project flexibly and expand their ability to look at a topic from many perspectives.
Exquisite Corpse This method is intended to disrupt the waking mind’s penchant for habit and logical order and support collective/collaborative imagining, intuitive insights, and metaphorical thinking. At the same time it gives space to individual perspectives and avoiding “group-think” and/or domination of visioning by more vocal people. It creates a lighthearted vehicle to share multiple perspectives and approaches that arise in transdisciplinary work.
Postcards from the Future This method supports participants in imagining the future and future generations in a way that is tangible and personal, rather than abstract and theoretical.
Timeline of Transformation This method brings the tangible possibility of change and transformation into the space and roots it in personal experience and observation.