ESR fellow and mentor discuss how to build the urban commons in new blog post

Sergio Ruiz Cayuela and mentor, Chiara Tornaghi reveal how to build the urban commons reflecting on boundaries for its the practical and theoretical development and exploring links between (non)bounded communities, common spaces and social reproduction in a new blog post on

In a recent blog post publised on 15th October on the platform "Undisciplined Environment", ESR fellow, Sergio Ruiz Cayuela and his mentor, Chiara Tornaghi discuss issues in building the urban commons and explore linkages between communities, common spaces and social reproduction in the construction of post-capitalist alternatives, an issue they co-chaired a panel (“Building the urban commons: exploring the interlink between (non)bounded communities, common spaces and social reproduction”) about during the International Conference of Critical Geography, 19-23 April 2019, Athens, Greece.

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