Kick off meeting

The RECOMS kick off meeting took place on 26-28th March, 2018 in Coventry where all partners gathered to launch the project and lay the basis of cooperation for the upcoming 4 years of the project. During the kick-off meeting, besides planning thoroughly the whole project, we discussed our upcoming trainings, recruitment strategy and our communication tools. 

RECOMS reflections, holiday edition

This year has been a feast of the bizarre. It turned out, there’s little control one has over their life and, regardless of how rich one’s imagination is, life always has something up her sleeve. Things that were supposed to happen never did, and the ones that no one had even imagined in their wildest dreams became a part of everyday life. In Russian we say: “Human plans but god decides.” And “god” here is simply a placeholder for anything bigger and greater than a human. Which is plenty. 


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