Video about RECOMS Fellows reflecting on their PhD journeys

In September 2018, 15 RECOMS Fellows started their research career and PhD journey at 7 different institutes. The Fellows have been midway through with their projects, when we have asked these young researchers what they have learned in their first 1.5 year within the network. Their 'lessons learned' and reflections cover the challenges of pursuing a PhD, finding one’s place in academia, making an impact in the ‘real world’ and negotiating life in a foreign country.


Creative consent form for research

A visual consent form has been developed as collaboration between RECOMS fellow Mai Abbas  and a graphic recorder and visual facilitator professional (Réka Livits, Visualive). The aim of this work is to break down the rigid concept of informed consent form and making it more accessible to the participants, which might lead to better engagement and understanding of the research process. This enhances the communication process and the building of trust between the researcher and the community members.


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