Fieldwork lesson: Everything is a skill

Fieldwork is exciting because for once you get to leave your desk and try to apply in the real world what you've been reading about for the past however months. Fieldwork is scary, too, because for once you get to leave the comfort of the desk and go interact with the real world. So many thoughts crowd your consciousness, and as the day of departure approaches, you find yourself so emotionally agitated, that the only thing you want to do is to get over with the whole ordeal. Some things are transient, some inevitable, and for certain disciplines fieldwork falls into the latter category.

Of All the Monsters under My Bed - Prologue

At the end of the day, in each other’s company are always only I and the monsters under my bed. Some of them come out regularly screaming for my attention, while others have laid dormant for years biding their time for a perfect moment to jump out and stoke fears in me: fears of failing, of not being good enough – never being so, of letting others down, of recognizing those selves in me whom I’ve tried to undo, remake, or even reject.  Fears of those fears; fears of discovering new monsters.

When a network and its training go online

RECOMS Training Event 5: Doctoral School: Coupled Social-Ecological Systems and Complexity took place online via Zoom (22 – 31 July 2020) with an extension of an optional writing retreat until 5th August. The event was hosted and co-organized by the Rachel Carson Center, LMU. During the training, all 15 Fellows participated, as did mentors representing all beneficiaries, the RECOMS partners, and also four external presenters and trainers. 


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