It is more than food waste!

Mai Abbas, RECOMS fellow explores in her piece practices that include re-growing food from foodwaste. She discovers ways to regrow food from various vegetables, so get ready to make your own food!

"What do you see here? A bunch of rubbish or food waste, if you like to be precise. Regardless of the used term, it is just trash right!? I was thinking the same until I came across a fascinating idea during my search for simple ecological practices that can reduce our waste generation. These practices include using recycled materials, reusing materials and the one that I am going to talk about in this post re-growing food waste. The more I read about plants and food growing, the more I realize how plants are incredible living organisms! To get started, you need to understand a bit of biology and then cut the right part, which has a growing tip, which varies from plant to plant. I will talk here only about a few examples, but hopefully, they will arouse your curiosity and drive you to discover this subject".

Read her full piece here.