RECOMS goes online – Training Event5 in distance and together - Prologue

Two RECOMS fellows, Viola and Ruben comment on their experiences about the Covid-19 impact on their research life and the on-going digital training event 5. Read part 1 of their journey below.


The world has stopped. A nasty virus has forced people all around to lock up in their homes. Month after month, social interactions and communications only occur in a parallel digital dimension; faces on screens, that’s what we get, day after day. Questions start to pop-up in our melted student brains - Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Then the summer comes, and it brings dreadful news: the most awaited event of 2020, the RECOMS training in Munich, will not happen in physical presence. Can you hear that crackly voice? “Stay where you are, please do not travel”. The only exception is granted to meetings within our host countries.

The Finnish team – traditionally amongst the most sociable – is devastated. How can we spend ten days online during the most beautiful summer time (Please note: to give the reader an idea of the magnitude of the waste, ten days account for about 50% of Finnish summertime)? Is there anything that can compensate for the absence of their gifted colleagues during the training event? The Finn(italian)s soon realise there is no other option but to make the best out of the situation within the national borders.

 This is a story of the unforgettable journey of two brave RECOMS fellows through the tribulations only encountered in a country far far away North, with more lakes (and mosquitos) than people. Above all, this is a story about learning, friendship and never ending resourcefulness of those young scholars who still believe that hopes rather than despairs shape the future.

The door is open - do you dare to step in?

(To be continued.)