RECOMS training event on agroecology and communications

RECOMS 2nd Training Event in Coventry and Brussels in February 2019 focused on agroecology and communication and provided the opportunity for our fellows to try their drawing and presentation as well as their group work skills and get insight into transdisciplinarity, urban agroecology and advocacy work.

RECOMS 2nd Training Event called an action learning trainining project on agroecology and food sovereignty took place in Coventry between 1-8 February lead by RECOMS partner, Shared Assets, and continued in Brussels where the fellows had the opportunity to present their current research status to the European Commission. During the two weeks, the focus was on developing a project in smaller groups in three various topics relevant for Coventry and agroecology. One group could pitch to make Coventry University's caterer more sustainable involving local farmers, while an other group developed how various land can be used differently to improve local agriculture while tackling food poverty. The third group addressed how Coventry Food Charter could have bigger communication impact. To make their project development more real, fellows could also present their outcomes in front of the key stakeholders, and their presentations were not only recorded by cameras, but by a visual minuter as well, Ms Reka Livits from Visualive.

Besides dealing with agroecology, fellows had plenty of opportunity to sharpen their skills on academic writing, visualization, comics as well as presentation techniques.