Young researchers thoughts and messages from RECOMS 2nd training

14 young researchers recorded their voices and opinions about RECOMS three action learning projects they needed to tackle during their second training event in Coventry, UK. They share their thoughts, ideas and frustrations about researching communities and becoming one.

14 young researchers got together within the frame of RECOMS second training event in February in Coventry, UK to deal with various community projects and work with local stakeholders on food sovereignty and agroecology. One of the groups jointly composed a piece on the blog 'Food' about their thoughts and reflections. 

The blog post tells us young researchers discovered that action learning is not only about ‘learning to research’; but more importantly, it is about exploring ourselves and learning from each other. The blog post highlights insights and concerns that one of the groups uncovered and guided by questions that they all reflected on: How do individuals and communities respond to socio-ecological challenges?  How can thinking in terms of communities make socio-ecological challenges less distant? And finally, how can we communicate our ideas and research in a tangible way that brings people in?

Read the answers to these questions here: